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- CiteKey: “AT17” - Type: report - Title: “ADE surfaces and their moduli,” - Author: “Alexeev, Valery; Thompson, Alan;” - Publisher: “arXiv,” - Year: 2019 - Collections: “Affine Dynkin Project,”

ADE surfaces and their moduli



We define a class of surfaces corresponding to the ADE root lattices and construct compactifications of their moduli spaces as quotients of projective varieties for Coxeter fans, generalizing Losev-Manin spaces of curves. We exhibit modular families over these moduli spaces, which extend to families of stable pairs over the compactifications. One simple application is a geometric compactification of the moduli of rational elliptic surfaces that is a finite quotient of a projective toric variety.

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  • Defining the moduli space of (weighted) stable curves

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  • Context (some motivating results)

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  • Main result of this paper.

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  • Definition of surface pairs.

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  • Details of main results

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