Stanford AG: Samir Canning, joint with Hannah Larson


  • What is the universal curve over \(M_g\)? #todo/questions

  • What is the tautological ring, and how does it relate to the Chow ring? #todo/questions

  • What are the kappa classes? #todo/questions

  • Question: when does \(A^*(M_g) = R^*(M_g)\)?

  • The integral Chow ring is very unknown. We know it only very recently for \(M_2, \mkern 1.5mu\overline{\mkern-1.5muM_2\mkern-1.5mu}\mkern 1.5mu\). Compare to rational Chow rings: we know them as quotients of polynomial rings for \(M_g, g\leq 23\).

  • Can stratify \(M_g\) by gonality.

  • What are hyperelliptic curves?

    I definitely have known this at several points in time, yeesh.

  • Look at Hurwitz space : moduli space of degree \(n\) covers of \({\mathbf{P}}^1\) by smooth genus \(g\) curves? At least this specific one is.

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