Beilinson-Bloch Conjecture

Reference: Chao Li, “Beilinson-Bloch conjecture for unitary Shimura varieties”. Priinceton/IAS NT Seminar

  • What is the Beilinson Bloch conjecture?

  • Beilinson-Bloch conjecture: generalizes the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture.

  • What are higher Chow ring ? What do they generalize?

    • Higher Chow groups: generalize the Mordell-Weil group for elliptic curve



  • What is an adele? What is an adele point?

  • I should also review what a placereally is. Definitely what it means to be an Unsorted/Valuations. Also double-check the \(v\divides \infty\) notation.

  • What is an automorphic representation?

  • See Gross-Zagier formula.

  • What is a modular curve?

  • What is a Heegner divisor for some imaginary quadratic field over \({\mathbf{Q}}\) and why can one use the theory of complex multiplication to get it defined over other fields?

  • Gotta learn modular form. They can take values in the complexification of a Mordell-Weil group? Also need to know something about Hecke operator.

  • What is a Shimura variety?

  • What is a theta series? Something here called an arithmetic theta lift, where some pairing form generalizes Gross-Zagier (?). See Beilinson-Bloch height maybe?

  • I should read a lot more about Chow groups.

  • What is Betti cohomology?

  • Why is proving that something is modular form a big deal?

  • Look for the Kudla Program in arithmetic geometry, and Kudla-Rapoport conjecture.

  • Comment by Peter Sarnak: BSD was first checked numerically for CM elliptic curves!


  • What is the characteristic function of a lattice? What is a self-dual lattice?


  • What is a Siegel Eisenstein series? Or even just an Eisenstein series.

  • See Néron-Tate height pairing? Seems like these BB heights can only really be computed locally, then you have to sum over places.

  • What are the Standard conjectures?

  • Main formula and big theorem:


    Seems that we know a lot about the LHS, the right-hand side is new. We don’t know nondegeneracy of the RHS, for example, e.g. the pairing vanishing implying the cycle is zero.

    • Proof technique: “doubling”.
  • See Tate conjecture.

  • Comment from Peter Sarnak: we know very little about where \(L\) functions vanish, except for \(1/2\).

  • Need to do Resolution of singularities when you don’t have a “regular” (integral?) model.


Paper recommended by Juliette Bruce: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2003.02494.pdf

  • Jonathan Love! Shows some cool consequences of the Beilinson Bloch conjecture, primarily a 2-parameter family of elliptic curve where the image \({\operatorname{CH}}^1(E_1)_0 \otimes{\operatorname{CH}}^1(E_2)_0 \to {\operatorname{CH}}^2(E_1 \times E_2)\) is finite. BB predicts this is always finite when defined over \(k\) a number field.

  • I should remind myself what local fields and global fields are.