020 Defiinitions

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  • absolute Galois group
  • Eisenstein polynomial
  • different and discriminants
  • field norm and trace
  • cyclotomic character
  • maximal unramified extension
  • maximal abelian extension
  • Haar measure
  • What is the degree of a number field?
  • What is a rational prime?
  • What is the Artin symbol?
  • What is the Norm-residue symbol?
  • What are the Ideles?
  • What are the Adeles?
  • What is the trace pairing?
  • What is an Arakelov?
  • What is the regulator of a number field?
  • What is a Pell equation?
  • What is a ray class field?
  • What are coinvariants and invariants?
  • What is the norm group?


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#todo #NT/algebraic