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Meeting notes


  • How to understand \((-2){\hbox{-}}\)curves?
  • What is a deformation class?
  • How does the VHS construction for \({\mathcal{F}}_2\) work?
    • Is the KSBA construction related?
  • What are rational polyhedral decompositions?
    • See maybe Looijenga 03.
  • What is type \(\mathrm{IV}\)?
  • What are slc singularities?
  • What are log canonical classes?
    • E.g. \(K_X + {\varepsilon}R\) for \(R \in {\left\lvert {nL} \right\rvert}\).
  • What is a toroidal compactification?
  • What is the Coxeter diagram for a lattice?
    • E.g. \(N\coloneqq H \oplus E_8^2 \oplus A_1\)
  • What is the toric descriptions of degenerations of PPAVs?
  • What is \(\mathrm{Vor}(B), \mathrm{Del}(B)\)?
  • What are Kulikov models?
  • How do degenerations of K3s relate to \(G_\mathrm{Cox}\).
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